Is anyone watching Extant? I just watched the first episode and I WANT MY DORIAN BB

… I mean, it looks interesting. Didn’t immediately go to watch the next episode, but I’ll give it a shot.

(Humanichs? What kind of name is that? I want Dorian.)

Yeah, I might have a problem.

I watch it. So many people ask this same question. I should put together a list of Extant posters.


Does anyone here watch extant?

I do! Track the Extant tag. We’re most active on air dates.


does anybody on here watch Extant its on CBS staring Halle Berry

Meeee! There’s a small group of us tumblr fans. We’re most active on airing evenings.

Track Title: He Mele No Lilo

Artist: Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus

Album: Lilo & Stitch OST








Okay… That’s it… I think I’m going to set this as my alarm on my phone so I can feel like I’m waking up in heaven on a daily basis.

There’s just something about children’s choirs.

There’s just something about this song

Okay, let me tell you a thing about this song. My mother is a nurse in the NICU with small premature babies. and she had one baby that was born addicted to 5 different drugs. Needless to say, the poor baby had to suffer through intense withdrawals, and my mom discovered that this song was incredibly soothing for the baby while he went through all of his pain. She would play this during his rougher patches, and it would calm him down. So yes, there is something about this song. 

Fun facts!

This song is a mele (soft, metered song with music) in contrast to an oli (a chant), and translated, it’s a song actually for Chief Kalakaua and Cheifess Lili’ulani. It tells of the beautiful scenery of all the islands, and specifically, a beautiful blooming flower that withstands the summits of each significant peak of Hawaii (including Mauna Kea!). 
If you contrast the words mele and oli, you will hear them (say them outloud!) how soft, and harsh they are respectively. This mele is comprised of mostly soft, flowing words (save for the name of the mountains!) and the combination of those beautiful words used to name beautiful things and the Children’s Chorus is probably what it is.

Peace(fulness) transcends language.


Big plans in store for online Doctor Who content

Speaking with SFX, Steven Moffat discussed the future of online Doctor Who episodes, following the success of the Pond Life series and The Night of the Doctor with Paul McGann.

Moffat said: “I think we now have to accept that online stuff isn’t a spin-off anymore. We used to treat it as a spin-off that maybe some people would watch. And to be absolutely honest I thought they were bank raids – they’d give me some money to do an online thing and I’d say right, what crew do we already have, what actors do we already have, what set do we already have? So we’d spend no money on it at all, whack it out in a day, pump the money into the episode and off you go.

But then you suddenly realise something like Pond Life, which we took much more seriously, had an audience of over six million. You think oh wait, that’s a TV show! That’s just a TV show and a lot of our audience make no distinction between that and the TV show.

"Same with The Night of the Doctor. What I think is quite exciting about all that stuff is you’re allowed to do a six minute episode. I actually think The Night Of The Doctor is one of the best ones we’ve done, and I don’t think it would be improved by being 45 minutes long. What more storytelling do we need? Arguably always the problem with the regeneration show is everybody’s just waiting for the bit when he dies and regenerates – so why don’t we just do that bit? You don’t feel that you’re short-selling it at all.

"So there’s going to be more of that, up until the point when all television is like that. And it will be. All television will be downloadable content. It’s coming."

We’ll certainly do some more. We’ll do more prequels and stuff. I’ve been in to talk to the channel controller of iPlayer and say ‘We need proper money for it’, and they’re very keen. And we don’t call them prequels, we don’t call them minisodes, we just call them Doctor Who. That’s all they are. As I say, why not do an episode that’s ten minutes? Or an episode that’s half an hour? It depends what it suits.”

*is vERy excited by this prospect*




Just imagine the Avengers going to Ikea, and Thor is the only one who can pronounce the name of anything. 

This is disproportionately hilarious to me.



last night i was watching with my friends whole Lord of the rings triology instead of sleeping…after that i was waiting two hours for train…..i wanted draw some cute Frodo-Sam picture but when i´m sleepy i can draw only weird things…so Witchking of Angmar is here :D


last night i was watching with my friends whole Lord of the rings triology instead of sleeping…after that i was waiting two hours for train…..i wanted draw some cute Frodo-Sam picture but when i´m sleepy i can draw only weird things…so Witchking of Angmar is here :D



ok so i was watching this gif carefully 


and when i first saw it i was like “aww Nat jumping into steve’s lap that’s so cute she’s like AHH STEVE SAVE ME” and then i was thinking ‘well she probably realized he’s way stronger than she is and could help shield her if they crashed’

but then i kept watching it and i noticed how she immediately pulls him forward 


and first i thought it was the momentum of her jump but you can clearly see in the gif how she gets settled (quickly) THEN pulls him close to her

and then i realized


that is a bullet hole. 

Nat somehow knew EXACTLY where Steve was gonna get shot at, jumped up into his seat, and saved him


Natasha Romanoff 


she didn’t just jump in the front to save steve, tws shot at her first 

she also pushed sam away from the bullet bc she knew he’s next


all of this in the span of 3 seconds how fast do u think her brain works i mean WHOA

Because if we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure we’ll avenge it.


Lolitable Merida from “Brave”


Lolitable Merida from “Brave”